High Tech Dental Implants in North Raleigh

Dental implants are at the cutting edge of high tech modern dentistry. They are by far the very best way of replacing missing or damaged teeth. With professionally fitted implants, you can have a set of strong, white healthy teeth that will last for years. Mize Implant and Family Dentistry can perform a range of dental implant treatments. We can help you to regain your confidence and enjoy a wide, bright, shining smile once again.

How Dental Implants Work

A dental implant is usually a small, screw-shaped titanium post used to replace the root-part of a missing tooth. Implants assist in preserving tooth-supporting bone that can deteriorate after tooth loss. The surgical procedure used in dental implants is quick and can be done with local anesthesia in most cases. Once a healing period has finished, usually a couple of months is required, your implants will be topped with a lifelike crown custom made to match the color of your existing teeth. With a well documented success rate of over 95%, dental implants are the recommended choice for tooth replacement. With over 20 years of experience in the dental profession, Mize Implant and Family Dentistry can fit you with comfortable, long lasting dental implants. Contact our clinic in North Raleigh for more information.

Crowns & Bridges


Adult orthodontics

Teeth whitening


You don’t have to live with missing or damaged teeth. Call (919) 676-4242 to find out more about our dental implants.

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